Throughout my search experience I have come across many brands that target their
brand keyword.

Is it really worth it? Here are my arguments for why it's not.

• Proof of authenticity for the prospects?

While it is a good argument that an ad link above the organic link might act as
a proof of authenticity for the customer, will it really make sense as the
people seeing this ad might already be aware of the brand( a potential reason
why they searched the brand).

• Eliminating competition

You don't get to see more than two google ads for a keyword. So it is a wise
decision to cut off your competitors from the paid ads segment. But is it really
effective when the keyword is the brand's name? Chances are that a person who
has searched for a particular brand has made his mind to click on its link. Does
competition really need to be a concern?

• Cutting off balance that could have been used to target other keywords

A brand can get more prospects from keywords with intent of exploring a
particular brand's alternative. A brand by spending on targeting its own branded
keyword could lose funds and opportunity to target keywords demanding
alternatives for their competitors and this way it could also lose from tapping
into a potential channel of prospects.

So these are my arguments why a brand should not run a google ad targeting its
own brand or targeting any other brand whatsoever.

Do you agree with this?

What is your take on this? Is there a better reason to target one's own brand.
Let's discuss in the comments.

Posted by Priyanshu Ranjan on Facebook