Three steps to a profitable B2B SaaS podcast

Step 1: Niche Down

First, you need to become more focused. It becomes exponentially easier to grow
an audience if you’re specific.

One example of this is


's Knowledgebase Ninjas, a podcast solely focused on technical writers and
documentation managers and has become the most downloaded podcast in the niche
in less than a year.

Step 2: Find Strategic Guests

The next step is to be more strategic about who you’re bringing on your podcast
as guests.

Maybe they are an ideal customer
Maybe they run a massive blog in your niche, and you would love a backlink
Maybe they have a big audience of your ideal customers on their YouTube channel

Short term podcast profitability comes from strategic guest relationships, not
audience growth.

Step 3: Listeners To Leads

We now need to create a value ladder for your listeners: to turn them from
listeners into leads.

We do this by really understanding their biggest problem and then working out
how to solve it with information.

We then offer that piece of information to listeners in exchange for an email
address to nurture and indoctrinate leads into your way of thinking and then
ultimately... monetize.

— feeling thankful.

Posted by Tom Hunt on Facebook