This time last year, my company was on the brink of death. The business wasn't
gaining any ground and I was at the end of my runway... but then suddenly
everything changed.

The spread of COVID-19 meant you could no longer gather in person. Which meant
no more meetings, concerts, conferences, and, of course, school.

Suddenly, what we were building *mattered*.

Virtually's mission has always been to enable remote learning- and with a
pandemic raging over the world, we finally felt the pull of the market. Instead
of desperately begging users to use our product, they were banging on our doors.

The traction from the first few months of the pandemic was enough to get us into
Y Combinator. From there, we were able to raise a $1.75M seed round. From there,
we were able to hire a rockstar product team (5 full-time and still growing!).

And today, we're finally thriving as a business. I wish I could say that it was
a result of masterful execution and brilliant product foresight... but it

It was luck. We happened to be in the right place at the right time. But luck
for a startup can often just mean being alive long enough to get lucky.

For us, that made all the difference.

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Posted by Ish Baid on LinkedIn