This site earned an additional 25,000 visits

And, an additional $338,000 in new revenue. How? 👇

I have the same 3-step process for each client:

1. SEO audit
2. Content creation
3. Link-building
4 Repeat 2 and 3

This time, I didn’t even get past step 1

I *always* start with a site:WebsiteURL search in Google

Why? So I can see HOW many pages are indexed

In this case, only *one* page was indexed:

The home page (ouch!)

I logged into their CMS and saw they had no-indexed their *entire* website!

I fixed it. but rather than proceed with steps 2 and 3, I waited

Traffic and revenue grew immediately

Replacing “no-index” with "index" – literally a 10 second fix - helped them
generate $300,000 in revenue

There's a lot of hard-fought battles in SEO

This wasn't one of them

I've worked with dozens of websites

Very few companies need to worry about advanced tactics

90% get the basics wrong

The basics are:

1. Have a secure (HTTPS), fast loading and mobile friendly website

2. Make sure your best content is indexed by Google

3. Fix broken links, 404s and error pages

4. Create unique content your audience wants to consume

5. Make it easy to buy from you/ contact you

Don’t get lost in the sea of SEO advice

Focus on the basics

That’s your biggest opportunity