This simple hack helped us achieve a 400% increase in our
Click-Through-Rate(CTR) on Facebook Ads. 🤓

We did a similar ad before this one, targeted the same audience and promoted the
same service.

But our CTR wasn't good enough. It was around 0.94% only. 😢

We desperately wanted to improve this number, and hence decided to use nudges.

So what exactly are nudges?

This is how Richard Thaler defines a nudge.

"Nudges are subtle interventions that guide choices without restricting them."

We created this nudge(image below) that motivated the user to take an action.

This was basically animated arrows pointing towards the CTA, while using a
whatsapp-like ui in the background to generate curiosity.

The results?

Our CTRs went from 0.94% to 4.98% an increase of whopping 429.79% 📈

So have you used nudges in your projects? How has your experience been? Let me
know in the comments below. 👇

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