This question is for the SEO experts here.
Are convenience new-age web platforms inferior from an SEO stand point? I wish
to create a blog to sell affiliate products around a niche I know well about.
These are the options I’m thinking about and I need your help to get my head in
the right place.
Option 1: Can I ditch WP and do the blog on platforms like Peerboard or TypeHut?
Both have blog functionalities built in, are super easy to set up, maintain and
are LTDs.
Option 2: How about landing page builders like Swipe pages. I know SP doesn’t
have blog, but can I present data in the landing page format and include the
necessary keywords? Will google ignore it altogether?
Option 3: Use Brizy cloud (
Kaushal Sheth
- your favourite) which introduced blogs recently. Is a Brizy blog given the
same SEO gravitas as a WP blog (for the same content)?
I have only elementary knowledge of how some of these things operate. So let me
know if I’m completely missing something very obvious to you guys. Have any of
you tried any of these options?

Originally posted by Vivek Vijayan on Facebook