This post is dedicated to digital marketing champs (Freelancer and agency owner)

I used to receive a common question :

how to choose the best niche?

maybe some time on different phase like

benefits of choosing one niche?

I like niche X but I have clients for niche Y?

I am blank and no idea how to choose a niche?

Decide your approach first

Either target the industry like e-commerce (can target more micro like fashion
e-com only) health or maybe jewelers

Decide your skill

I personally believe this might be your deciding factor. We, digital marketers,
are taught to master skills and we did all the time, let's capitalize our skill.
Make a career to sell on your skill:

If you are good at Facebook marketing then offer them to clients

If you are good at SEO then offer them to clients

It would help you to manage and scale your business.

don't hesitate to share your feedback on this.


Originally posted by Gaurav Mishra on Facebook