This one strategy led to 272,000 visits.

It’s practical, scalable and easy to replicate. Here's how:

You've heard of the Skyscraper technique.

But have you ever used it on your OWN content?

Here’s the original Skyscraper:

- Find a topic and check the SERPs
- Make your content 10X better
- Reach out to sites and ask for a link

So, why did I do that to my own content?

Because it's a great strategy to use for high-volume keywords.

Here's my NEW process:

- Find a topic and check the SERPs
- Write a guest post on that topic
- Write a piece for your own site that's 10X better
- Reach out to websites that link to your guest post

I wrote a piece for Smart Insights on email marketing.

Within weeks, it ranked number 1 and acquired dozens of new links.

6 months later, I wrote a 10X version and published it on my own site.

I then reached out to sites that linked to the original piece and asked for a

In the email, I mentioned I was the original author of the Smart Insights post
and I'd written a newer, more in-depth guide.

That email worked!

I acquired dozens of new links and quickly ranked in position 1

Generating 272,000 visits

The best part?

No one else is using this strategy

Which makes it a huge opportunity for you

Ready to take it?