On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs launched the iPod which revolutionized the world of music.

On the stage, he raised his hand with the iPod and famously claimed that it can hold 1000 songs in a pocket and nonchalantly put it back inside his jeans pocket.

There lies the secret to a winning online course.

Most courses don't take off because they don't use the Steve Jobs Secret to sell the iPod.

Here's how you can use it for your Online Course:-

When he said the words "1000 songs in a pocket" he made the iPod tangible. Instead of boring us with features/benefits that we won't understand, he created what I call the "Quantifiable End Outcome(QEO)" that made the iPod sell.

So, here's how you can use the Steve Jobs Secret for your Online Course.

Instead of saying you have a course on blogging, you market the "100 days of Blogging" Online Course.

Instead of saying you have a fitness program, you market a 30 Day Fit Father Online Course.

Instead of saying you do Facebook ads, say you have a 4-hour Facebook Funnel Online Course.

Now, the above is a quantifiable end outcome and will help your prospects to decide without spending the calories on their brain on analyzing the features/benefits.

This will put you miles ahead of your competition as they will just be talking about the modules inside their program.