This is Susie Ashfield.

She's an absolute legend with presentations and public speaking and has trained
individuals and groups within NATO, Unilever, John Lewis, Sky Sports, Disney,
RBS, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Lloyds of London

She's has a voice that's been used to sell potatoes, mortgages, chocolate, Pre
Raphaelite art, and Channing Tatum .

This is why I had to steal an hour of her time to spill the beans on how guests
(and hosts) can deliver exceptional podcast interviews.

If you're leveraging podcast interviews for your SaaS brand then this is a

We riffed for an hour and covered:

How to prepare for an interview
How do be more confident on interviews
How to build rapport
How to bridge between topics (some podcasts share the questions
How to answer difficult questions / questions you don't know the answer to
How to deliver a confident CTA at the end of the podcast

Let me know if you'd like a link to the gated content, just pure

Originally posted by Mark Colgan on Facebook