This is my career in a few bullet points:

- Factory worker

- Poker player

- Sales Assistant

- Web Designer

- UX Designer

- Product Manager

- Coach

With a few variations of those roles in-between.

To most, this will be seen as career progression.

To me, this is EVOLUTION.

Because every skill I've learned along the way I could transfer to every new

Every situation lived was a proving ground for the next.

Every success and every defeat put me in the right spot to take the next move.

Without knowing it, I've always built skills for the future, in the present.

And only by doing this, I was able to get to this point and be absolutely
CONFIDENT in my path.

Only through this journey, I was able to find my calling in coaching.

If I could go back (which I can't) and start over, I would only change ONE

I'd get help from someone to get there quicker!

What tips would you give yourself when it comes to career evolution?

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Posted by Rick Veronese on Facebook