This is most effective link-building strategy I ever used.

It helped me acquire links from my biggest competitors - Zendesk, Groove, Help
Scout and HubSpot.

And it came from my frustration at finding outdated statistics from 2008 - that
were being held as the gold standard.

But they're old. Like, really, *really* old.

Here's how I fixed it.

1. Find research that gets tons of backlinks in your industry. There's typically
2-3 stats that EVERYONE links to. Find it and save the URL.

2. Copy the URL into Ahrefs and click "Referring domains”. Export the list. What
you get is a list of all the sites that link to that specific piece and in most
cases, that specific statistic.

3. Conduct original research. You can survey your customers, or it can be a
simple Twitter poll. You choose.

4. Publish the results on your website and include it in relevant pieces of

5. The list you exported from Ahrefs earlier? Reach out to all the sites linking
to the original research and tell them you have new, updated research.

Try to contact websites that update their content regularly, as they are more
likely to link to you.

We know that to rank in Google, you need two things:


You already have the content.

Now you have a process to get the links.

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