ou want to do when you start with Linkedin because when someone wants to connect with you they will first see your profile.
And if your profile is not professionally optimised you will not be able to position yourself as an expert and people will not accept your connection requests.

2. Start writing regularly on Linkedin. Write atleast 3 posts a week and when you develop a habit, start posting daily. And as the LinkedIn organic reach is great now. Your post can reach thousands of people daily.

3. Always send connection requests with a message while connecting. It will build goodwill around your name as hardly anyone does this. Also, people will definitely check your profile if you send them a connection message and as your profile is optimised, there are chances that the prospect will message you asking for your services.

I started on Linkedin when I didn’t have money to advertise my services.

No doubt it was the best decision I made.

Not only LinkedIn has helped me build a brand around my name.

It has helped me get lot of high paying clients and speaking gigs.

What’s stopping you from generating leads on LinkedIn?