This image has been doing the rounds in (almost) every Indian WhatsApp group!
And there's an interesting story behind this "open-form communication" -
connected to India's freedom movement!

Watch this from 04:00 - for just 2 minutes >

An insightful talk by V. 'Naresh' Narasimhan, delivered at the 2017 DesignUp
Conference in his unique mix of charm, wit and humor - the Desi Design
paradigms. The entire talk remains eminently watchable, and re-playable!

With Narayan, Shiva, Ripul, Rasagy, Aakash, Suresh, Katja, Mayur, Dharmesh,
Amrita, Soo, Himanshu, Baisampayan, Arvind, Suresh, Meeta, Madanmohan +

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