This Doctor does not charge his fee when a girl child is born.

It is disheartening to see how certain families respond when a girl child is
born in the hospital. It is like a doomsday for them.

Meet Dr. Ganesh Rakh from Pune who has set a great example of selfless service
to the humanity.

Nothing can be more respectful for a doctor than this genuine good deed. This is
real honor or the women, a great respect to the girls.

It was high time that instead of talking and posting on social media and
wallowing in pity about the condition of women in the country, we do things
which will create a positive impact on the mindset of people.

It is sad that the educated people people living in cities, the urban population
have contributed the most in killing a girl child while she is in the womb. Why?
Because it is less messy than killing a girl child after she is born.

Dr. Rakh has inspired more than 2 lakh doctors to follow his footsteps, they
also don't charge their fee for delivering girl child.

Isn't is something Big? Isn't it inspiring? But, mainstream media completely
ignored him. Let's make him famous and #inspire everyone.

एक सभ्य समाज का निर्माण सिर्फ बेटियां ही कर सकती हैं।

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