This client decided to spend a few tens of thousands of £££ with us for a 6
months SEO campaign, in a very competitive niche.

Technical SEO (lots of coding), great content, and mostly blogger outreach is
what made this image so green!

What's the secret to a blogger outreach link building campaign, that will
guarantee a positive upwards movement in rankings?

Here is how we do blogger outreach.

✅ Identify blogs with an Ahrefs DR of 50+ AND Ahrefs Site Traffic (ST) of 10K+

✅ Blogs must be relevant to your client’s niche

✅ Reach out to them, and tell them that you will craft a super-high quality
article, that will actually rank on Google for a keyword that people are
searching for (must be relevant to your client)

✅ Once you get to an agreement, create what you mentioned above (the article)

❌ Do not make the article about your client’s business

✅ Make the best content that you can make about a subject that is searched on
Google and is relevant to the blog, and mention your client as an added value,
in one or 2 places in the content

✅ Rinse and repeat this, 5 times a week, for a few months

✅ See the magic happening in your rank trackers 😎

Blogger outreach does indeed work, if you are reaching out to the right blogs,
with the right content.

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Posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn