This came up as I was chatting with one of my colleagues. What kind of boss is
the best?

One who does all the work and makes you redundant. Or one who pushes everything
to you making himself/herself redundant.

Great quandary. One makes life easy. One makes life hard. Who is better for the

I learned the most under a lazy boss. Because he’d load me up with everything.

I had to work harder. Made a ton of mistakes. Made newer mistakes faster. And
worked long days and longer nights.

In all that I hastened my learning curve. I got more opportunities. Did things I
hadn’t done before. Beat my fears. Learned to think faster.

A boss who took time off to party, after dropping everything on my head, was
actually helping me build my career faster.

I also had sympathy on my side. The servicing people gave me a longer rope. They
weren’t that harsh on me. And if I pulled it off, the applause was louder.

Maybe I’d have been better if I had a boss who taught me more. But I didn’t.
Nothing was spoon fed. I learned the hard way. Plenty of scars.

It’s quite like learning how to cycle. You’ll fall. But once you get your
balance, you’ll never forget it.

So lazy boss, any day!

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