They say “Tech “ is changing the world but the truth is, a basic order-taking
tech of $700+Bn Retail market in India is still not at its place which is
facilitated by 9Mn+ Kirana stores.

Here is the Problem-

kirana stores can’t buy products whenever they want.

Kirana stores are not getting the same price which his nearby kirana store is

Kirana stores don’t get enough margins, schemes, promotions on time.

There are different pricing of the same product in the same city for different
Kirana stores.

But If you put the prices online, it gives a fair advantage to everyone instead
of just few. This change hurts a few. But those who can see the future, adopt
the change & empowering millions of small kirana stores with the org like us.

Banning doesn’t solve the problem. We are fighting for kirana stores who want
this to happen, because they figured it out, they are the backbone of 90%
unorganised India retail

It’s not a fight between 2 org, its a fight between THEM vs 90 lac+ kirana

It felt sad once I saw this letter cuz lacs of Kirana stores who help companies
to build brands & make it available for 90%+ population, don't get treated well,
Cuz they don’t want a kirana store to know the prices.

Will keep the fight on, till kirana stores get what they deserve.