They look at your filtered profile photo on Aisle, have a small chit-chat with
you and then invite you on a date.

That's all?

Can you call that an "Happily ever after?"

Not really, isn't it?

Your looks can fetch you the first date.

But during the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 40th date, you are going to be YOU.

Obviously, they are going to realise how you misplace things, how you would look
in your pyjamas and your short temper.

Inspite of shortcomings, to make a long term relationship work, it takes
compatibility, mutual understanding, team work, respect, trust, love,
communication and responsibility.

That demands a lot of time and efforts!

Similarly, your LinkedIn posts can fetch you a client or a job.

You might be an influencer with 30k+ followers.

But, that wouldn't suffice to sustain your clients.

Being comfortable is a must.

There would be hectic deadlines and reworks.

But if you can manage them, stand by them, fulfill their requirements and do
your job well, there you go!

There are a lot more factors like time management, negotiation, work automation
and team work involved to retain your clients in the long run.

So, keep working on improving them apart from building your personal brand.


How do you sustain long term clients?

Angappa Ashi Ramesh

Posted by Amrita Angappa on LinkedIn