These are the 3 standard tests/questions that companies will put you through
when applying for a marketing role.

- Test project: You may be asked to pick any landing page on their website and
give a list of recommendations on what you would do to rank better in search to
convert better.

Why do companies ask this? It's not to check whether the strategies you propose
are right or wrong; it's to see how you are approaching the problem, coming up
with a solution, & communicating that solution to the team.

Nobody will buy your theories. Companies want to see tactics. A tactical test
project will sniff out if you have fundamental knowledge or not.

- Companies see how you market yourself on LinkedIn. You may be talented but not
active on LinkedIn, that's fine. But if you show LinkedIn presence, companies
will see how you are selling your brand on this platform.

- Here's an important question that companies ask. What number did you carry in
your past role? What was the outcome directionally, & explain why? Your answer
to this question will give an overview of what they are looking for in you.

If you can nail these questions, you will stand out from the rest & portray
yourself as the best marketing talent.

Let me know if you've other questions to add.

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Originally posted by Sanjana Murali on LinkedIn