There's a huge debate in the content community right now.

“Gated content doesn’t work”. They say.

Well, they're wrong.

Here's why.

I've helped SaaS companies generate $500,000 directly from gated content.

(One piece alone generated $200,000).

So, what are they doing wrong?

First, here’s my take:

I’m PRO non-gated content! (Yes, I said it).

I love the idea of giving away your best content for free. Let buyers consume
it, develop a bias and overtime, they make a purchase.

But, it's the "over time" part that created the "gate" in the first place.

Why? Because sales teams need leads.

You need a short-term solution.

So, that's why I recommend you do both.

You might say, well, most E-Book leads aren't ready to buy (you’re right).

And that’s where most content marketers get gated content wrong.

Here’s how to fix it:

Don't gate top-of-funnel content. Ever.

Instead, gate your mid-to-low funnel content to generate sales-ready leads.
Content such as templates, tools and buyer’s guides. They work really well.

Here’s the thing:

The best marketing is the one that your audience responds to.

So, if they respond to E-books, keep doing them!

Either way, the debate continues…

Gated vs non-gated content - which side are you on?

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