There is so much information available for free in public domain, but why?

Users and platforms are benefiting from it but what is there for you as a

Profile views, followers, likes, comments, upvotes, visibility and reach to your
contribution, visits to your websites, what else?

What if your contributions are in some alien language. (Let Google and Open
Graph crawl, index and display it as usual)

Whoever needs to figure out your contribution needs premium access (pay per use
or subscription based) to the alien platform.

Users stick to their native languages while communicating on Internet, but to
figure out your work or responses as contribution, they need to decode the alien
transcript in their native language.

Copy the code, paste it to alien website, login with premium access to decode or
pay upfront to decode single code. No matter it is helpful or not.

Contributors shares revenue with the alien platform.

I don't think millions of websites or 100s of comments are always helpful, Still
you spend time reading and implementing those suggestions, right?

Can you visualize what does the information on Internet looks like then?

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