There is a funny backstory to this feature in The Economic Times.

I responded to Viraj's tweet praising students & alumni of BITS by describing a
BITS 'YouTube Mafia' which I was seeing emerge (e.g. Raj with Stoa HQ, Harish,
Noah et al)

Turns out that the tweet caught the eyes of Shephali who writes for the ET - we
had a short conversation about the content (and, by extension Product) creation
ecosystem emerging from BITS Goa.

I personally love what each one of them are doing; there is a trinity between
'Content', 'Community' and 'Commerce'.

Content is also a Product and outside of writing code, it is the highest
leverage activity you can perform - good content comes with a natural network

I was able to start BimaPe primarily using the network (for talent & capital) I
had built by writing about InsurTech on LinkedIn, Twitter & Substack.

If I had to write my 1st few Angel cheques in India, it would probably go to
Harish for Clinify India and Raj for Stoa School.

Side note here - this was BimaPe's 1st feature in *any* mainstream press and for
me as well (BimaPe finally has a mention in the 'News' section of Google's
search results).

#startups #india

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn