Frankly, it's annoying. I usually have more than one add-on plugin active on any
given site. The problem is, lots of their elements overlap or are overtaken by
others later on down the line.

Does anyone know of a plugin or utility that will scan a site to tell you which
elements are actually used on the various pages of a site? This would be
incredibly helpful for three reasons:

1. It will let you know which ones you can deactivate in the plugin - which
will make the site loading and editing better

2. It will let you know which redundant elements you've got in use so you can
use one and dump the other

3. It will give you an idea of exactly how necessary the add-on plugin is.

I've looked everywhere and haven't found anything that does this. I know it's
not in the plugin developer's best interest to add such a feature to their
plugin however it's certainly in the user's best interest to want it.

If one does not exist, it would be easy enough to build. All you'd need is a
current version of any plugin you want to support and then compile a database of
unique code labels/strings that are unique to each element of each plugin. From
there, it's just a matter of keeping that database current.

If anyone is interested in building one, I'd love to team up with you. I can
bring the following add-ons to the table:

* Unlimited Elements

* HTMega Pro

* Essential Addons

This is a problem that I believe needs solving in the space and it could be an
opportunity for someone that wants to make a few bucks.

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Posted by Patrick Healy on Facebook