There are things that I am personally not good at.

Today, I wanna share them with you.

Along with some explanations. So here goes:

1. Coding —
There was a time when I thought that I would find this interesting. Funnily
enough, I learned all of HTML5, CSS, JS and some of Python to realize that this
was not for me.

2. Graphic Designing —
I have a sharp eye when it comes to UI/UX designs, but I do not like dipping my
toes in the technicalities. Again, I have also learned tools like Photoshop and
Illustrator — not for me!

3. Website Designing/CMS —
Again, I have a pretty decent knowledge of what works, what can work and what
cannot work on a website. I am an awesome advisor, but I cannot get into the
nitty-gritty of the themes, baby themes, plugins, menus, widgets and so on. Even
though I have built websites with WP.

It is always good to be brave about your weaknesses.

What are some yours? Let's talk in comments.

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