There are still some companies in the world where the topmost person (with
majority shareholding or significant executive power) is a technical person.

I am of course talking of firms that have technical products, are supposed to be
leading in technology. Not accounting or FMCG companies.

If we really want to see "culture", we should study such companies, that are
headed by a technology person.

The first thing one notices is the arrogance. Of being strong in technology.

[ Because when supposedly technical companies are led by non-technology people,
a kind of apologetic tone about technology creeps in, and affects even the
supposedly tech experts in lower hierarchies.

A kind of lowering of the eyes whenever the word "technology" comes up. As if it
is a word best avoided, except for marketing purposes. ]

Technology arrogance is the first sign of a good company culture. (in technology
driven companies).

All other talk of "culture" is just the usual regurgitated garbage.

Posted by Kinshuk Adhikary on LinkedIn