There are no shortcuts, low hanging fruit or hacks when it comes to growing a

It's about creating really great work, consistently.

You do this year in, year out and over time, you build an audience.

In 2014, the blog generated 64,000 visits. We could have easily stopped it there
and then. Pulled the plug, "it's not working...".

In 2015, the numbers climbed to 219,000 visits. Ok, we're seeing growth but it's
not that big, right?

Over the next few years, the numbers doubled, tripled, and quadrupled.

2016: 640,000 visits

2017: 1.2 million visits

2018: 1.9 million visits

2019: 2.5 million visits

In total, it's grown to well over 8 million visits.

At any point above, we could have given up, but we didn't, because we're playing
the long game.

If you're a business leader, director or decision maker tasked with building a
content strategy or growing a blog, then please, play the long game.

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