💰 The World’s Largest IPOs Adjusted For Inflation 💰

Putting the IPO-hype into perspective.

2019 and 2020 were record-breaking IPO years BUT adjusted for inflation, only 1
of the 10 largest IPOs took place during the last two years: Saudi Aramco

The company raised $29.4B, almost $4B more than its original offering.

By granting underwriters the greenshoe option, allowing the firm to sell up to
15% more shares.

And Saudi Aramco is not alone:
➡️ Alibaba: $21.8B offering vs $25B raised
➡️ Visa: $17.9B offering vs $19.7B raised

2020’s IPOs such as DoorDash, Airbnb, and Wish also went with the overallotment
option, capitalizing on their much-hyped debuts and stabilizing share prices in
the process.

Do you know of any firms that did NOT go for the greenshoe option?
Curious to hear your thoughts! 🤔 💬

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Post credit to our COO/ Founder Christopher Grey

Originally posted by Greg Brinson on LinkedIn
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