The strange paradox of India is that today there are more people willing to
invest in #startups than ever before, and yet it has never been tougher to get

If you’re one of those #founders who feel that you are building the next
#unicorn or #decacorn, but are constrained due to #funding - then this is the
event for you.

Spotlight is a #pitch #event focused on replicating the real world funding
journey by making you pitch across multiple rounds, giving you realistic and
actionable feedback to help you improve your pitch, and getting you in front of
one of the most iconic angel investors in the Indian startup ecosystem - Dr.
Aniruddha #Malpani.

If you’d like to pitch, or attend the live pitch event, or become a mentor and
investor to the startups who are pitching, then fill out this form:

This event is the brainchild of Saurabh Garg and is brought to you by the team
behind the Founder Thesis #podcast.

Posted by 🎙️ Akshay Datt on LinkedIn