The story of will power and sacrifice.

On 26 Dec, I lost my grandma. She was 92. I met her a week back, knowing well
that she didn’t have much time.

She lived a full life. So this isn’t a tear jerker. This is more a note to self
about how to live.

As a child, I never really understood her well. In every sense of the word, she
was strict. A stickler for neatness, she cringed if anything went amiss. A love
for education, she taught my cousins (her grandchildren).

When my grandpa passed away, she didn’t bawl or create a fuss. She prayed. She’d
come into his life at the age of 15 and died there aged 92. She loved her
children but a public display of emotion was not her forte. Deeply affectionate
yet strong. Generally strong is associated with men but that’s a generalisation.

She was on oxygen support when I last saw her. When I asked her how she felt,
she told me she had pain but that it was inevitable.She was very clear that she
looked forward to meeting her maker. I can talk of a hundred sacrifices she’d
have made but she’d have seen it as duty.

In between all the pain, she managed to sit up the next day and wrote her diary
as was her habit. You don’t break a good habit!

Some people’s lives speak for themselves.

PS- This is not a RIP post.

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