Last year, I haven't invested too much in any copywriting or business courses.

But I felt it was my greatest year of growth in terms of SaaS knowledge,
copywriting, and business and mindset.


Through mentors, my bosses, clients, colleagues, and even prospects.

- Our CEO taught me how to manage people, how to be kind to people, and how to
find your mission in life.
- Our VP of Engineering taught me how to be tough and how to be mad (if I need
- Our Head of Sales taught me how important systems are and how to guide a team.
- A SaaS coach would citic my emails LIVE on Zoom and taught me 1 trick to make
my copy better. (I'll share it here soon).
- The same SaaS coach has generously let me into his system, products, and would
even invite me to client calls. He doesn't mind if I use it on my OWN business
- My freelancing mentor gave me the courage to pursue other business endeavors
I've never thought I'd try.
- My SaaS client who trusts me enough that he gives me the FREEDOM to experiment
on his list via Intercom.
- Our DC's with SaaS founders who have several exits feels like an SEO
Masterclass or a quick mindset session. Or even deep-dive sessions with our
ideal prospects.

I owe these guys a lot.

I guess I've been lucky.

I didn't need to pay thousands of dollars to get access to these kinds of

The learnings that you'd expect from expensive masterclasses.

All I needed to do was offer help, offer my service.

Hop on calls with prospects.

And guess what.

You can do this too.

If you want to learn how to write better copy, you DON'T need to enroll in an
expensive course to equip yourself.

You just need to find that 1 client to serve.

That 1 client who will be willing to train you, spend time on you, and trust you
enough with the knowledge that they have carried through their lifetime.

And that 1 client could be a real "client". Or a mentor that you can find in
some Facebook Group.

Now, this is more impactful than courses or coaching because it's real life.

And the best thing is you get paid while learning.

Now, your turn.

Find that 1 client and offer copywriting help.

Originally posted by Aiza Coronado on Facebook