The sales and marketing team in a B2B company is similar to a doubles team in
tennis. You can only win as a team

How do you build a culture of "team sport"?

➡️ It all starts with a plan
Have a watertight quarterly plan (geo, product-wise), which is mutually agreed
upon. Don't change the goal post.

➡️ Let data be the guide
Use CRM to collect all the interactions - from lead capture to closure. Ensure
call logging, email tracking is synced with the CRM, which is your single source
of truth. All reviews should happen on CRM. Say no to secret excel sheets :)

➡️ Set metrics, which are mutually agreed

Define the full funnel from Signup to Customer

Signup -> MQL -> SAL -> Opportunity -> Customer

Define what each stage means. Define when will a lead move to the next stage

➡️ Build the culture of team sport
Let sales and marketing teams connect 1:1 and understand each other. Empower the
teams to always go to extra mile - your team player falls off and you jump far
away to hit the ball!

Give team awards when a deal is cracked (include the marketing teammate who
generated the lead).

The biggest enemy for a company's bad performance is a rift between sales and
marketing teams.

While a great team-work can a competitive advantage for you

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Originally posted by Ashwin Krishna on LinkedIn