It takes many years for a bundle of sub-skills to labeled as a larger skill. Then, it takes years for that larger skill to make its way into curriculums. Then, it takes time for that new skill to be the "hot" skill everyone should learn. 

Things like programming and data science are considered hot skills right now, but these are actually decades old.

As I spend more time on learning how to learn, I realize that many of the most valuable skills are invisible to others because they haven't been labeled as skills yet. Part of the value comes from the skill being "rare". If you find one of these undervalued skills, it can be game-changing for your career and life. 

For example, I think perspective taking is key skill that almost no one practices like a skill. Here's why...

#1. Perspective taking helps you understand what someone else (customer, friend, kids, colleagues, boss, employees) will think, feel, and do in certain situations

Most communication is miscommunication. Most products that entrepreneurs create are never bought, and if they are, they are never used. Many time, what we intend to say is interpreted as the opposite. Constructive criticism from your perspective is an attack from someone elses.

It's very easy to get stuck in looking at reality from our own perspective and assuming that other people think the same way.

#2. Thinking about things from different time scale of immediate, short-term, medium term, long-term, death bed, hundreds of years, etc. (and also in the reverse)

The short-term implications are often the opposite of long-term implications. For example, sugar tastes amazing when its in your mouth. But, an hour later you get a sugar drop. Years of too much sugar creates diabetes.

We naturally experience the world from the short-term perspective. So learning to think about the long-term implications for our actions can completely change the trajectory of our life.

#3. Thinking about things from the lens of different cultures and people who are very different than you are.

It's very easy to label people we don't understand or who we disagree with as stupid. It takes special perspective taking skills to be able to emotionally and intellectually get where they are coming from.

Question For You...

What are other perspectives that are important to practice and cultivate that don't come naturally?