The most important thing a Founder can do is remind their team -
"Why should we exist?"
and, "Why are we in business?"

At BimaPe, this is an exercise we go over at the start of every month; Simon
Sinek best explains this as - Start with 'Why'

This can be applied by both PMs and Founders - all you need to be is a "business
owner" (by way of equity, ideally)

Below is what I go over with our team:

❓ Why should BimaPe exist?
- There is information asymmetry in insurance; you don't have access to the same
information as your agent or insurance provider.
- We want to give you tools to
(a) Make an informed purchase (via Wallet by BimaPe)
(b) Understand what is sold (via Awareness by BimaPe)

🌟Why are we in business?
It is personal
- My mom (single parent) benefitted greatly from health insurance (the claim of
~₹35 Lakhs in 2011 would have crippled us)
- A similar story for Abraz (in our founding team) & others

💡 Deciding to 'Start with Why' led us to launch 'Know Your Card' - a killer
feature that helped us acquire 3,000+ members
- Back story: I helped the family of our deceased attendant claim on his RuPay
- The guy at the bank said - its the 1st time anyone has claimed on the scheme

👉Discover your hidden insurance:

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn