The market was terrified due to COVID.

But for my investee company from Karnataka-

It was a challenge, to scale rapidly:

Supply chain companies were badly hit due to COVID.

With lockdown,

They were suddenly questions about labor.

Delayed contracts.

And of course, social distancing.

But Rajiv Hirur the co-founder of Celium Devices,

Took this as a challenge.

As a world-class original equipment manufacturer,

Based out of Hubbali, Karnataka-

Celium Devices and Rajiv fought back.

They launched an aggressive market outreach.

And started speaking to clients.

Celium’s game plan?

Demonstrate the product.

And it’ll speak for itself.

They slogged to bag sales orders,

Closed milestone long term contracts,

And received accreditation-

From global players for their product and firmware quality.

Then they doubled down on fundraising to boost their supply chain capabilities.

Finally, they reached a milestone:

Celium started shipping their devices,

Once the market opened up.


Can make or break a startup.

And the best entrepreneurs,

Use this to drive them.


Because uncertainty-

Breeds courage.

And courage-

Has the power,

To change the world.

Posted by Anand Kadakol on LinkedIn