The LTD Deal Worth Mentioning

I am continuing with my weekly tradition of listing out few deals worth
mentioning. So here goes
Carsten Broich
has launched a private deal of which now includes Mail Warming. Its
available for next 6 days . If you are looking for email warming solution along
with B2B data, it seems like a good deal. Though the pricing has increased since
AS launch. Ofcourse new features have been added since launch and all OLD ltd
users are grandfathered in all these new updates. In case you missed the deal on
AS or private launch that happened few month back, might want to give it a try.

Beta for mail warming is already open and I see few people already started
testing it.

P.S: Bought few codes myself earlier so am covered.

Spread Simple ( ends in a day ) : There was a whole debate when it was launched
on AS with the founder's ties with ITG.Digital etc. So, I am bit skeptic and not
going all in with this deal. That said, I picked up one code myself to give this
a try as functionality to connect Google Sheeet to App and create website sure
looks interesting. They are offering 1 site extra for 1 code, 2 site extra for 2
code - but don't have time to redeem and leave review so not left a review. Also
not sure with 24 hours left to review, will they still offer incentive. Anyways
the incentive isn't much to redeem it straightaway at the moment.

The idea looks cool and hopefully they improve the product in next few months
and don't end up way to make my investment worthwhile

P.S: Bought 1 code myself
Jorge Aguilar Avendaño
mentioned new feature was introduced in to get paced emails daily -
making it closer to Burner email. At $19 it's a great solution. Still undecided
to buy this but is in my #watchlist to buy

Modules Composer: From the makers of psd2newsletter heard first from
Nuno Palha
, this is an online email builder that lets you create email newsletter easily
and at the moment supports 30 different ESP's. There are 22 email templates and
they plan to add 1 new every month. At $29, worth a try. In my #watchlist.

Hoverify: I had seen this extension when it was around $12 , but missed grabbing
it. Now when I saw it coming back for $16, went ahead and purchased it. It's a
great chrome ( chromium ) extension for web developers to have.
Alston Antony
has already created a video about it. Go check it out and see if its worthwhile
for you.

Untill next time

Originally posted by Kaushal Sheth on Facebook