I'm going to share will you my exact method of how I generate high quality leads, with local Facebook groups.

This is ideal for digital marketers that sell PPC, PPL, RnR SMM, and lead gen. And if you do use this method, I can almost guarantee it will pass with group admins and you WILL generate 🔥 leads from it! 

Now first, let me frame what I mean by Local Facebook groups..

Most likely you will have a few local FB groups in your local area where you live. Right?

Eg, "<city/ area> trade service group" or "<city/ area> small business group. You got me now?

Ok cool, in these groups there are established businesses that are looking for more leads, sales and revenue growth.

^ These are the ideal businesses that we want in our pipeline. 

A, they can afford your solution, 

B, you are more likely to retain them and 

C, they have the capacity to take on more work and can scale.

The strategy within the method is what I call the Reverse Recommendation Pitch.

We basically ask the group, if they can recommend an established business, that can handle more work (your solution)

It goe's like this:




Body Copy:

Doe's anyone here knows of a reputable <niche-business> Company that can service an extra 3 - 7 <niche> jobs per week?

This is the avg job types we'd be looking to forward them:

<most desired jobs>

<second most desired jobs>

<third most desired jobs>

<fourth most desired jobs>


Please tag someone or a <your-area> company that has extra capacity for extra ongoing <niche> work.

This would also be more ideal for a company that has the manpower, the capacity and hungry for more consistent <niche> work now and the future. 

All jobs phone calls and job enquiries will be exclusive to just one company.

Thank you


Can you see the strategy now? And why the language works so well? It's taken me a few years to tweak this to work this good. 

You don't have to change anything apart from adding the niche and your area. Swipe and deploy baby!

It basically pitches the prospect cold but is not a direct pitch to them.

It also works so well because we are asking them for a favour (recommendation) and indirectly pitch them to what solution we can provide. 🤫😎👌

This is a powerful indirect cold outreach pitching method that can generate intrigue and desire while opening up communications and the potential relationship/ sale.

You will also get referrals where you can reach out to these prospects and use a 3rd party connection to leverage from.

This copy used for this post is dialled into the NUTS

This is also perfect if you don't yet have a list to email and want to get motivated leads fast.

*To demonstrate the power of this method in FB Local Groups, I posted this in just one group just a few hours ago. I'll update you as more leads come through.

Jump on this one now guys and let me know here how you get on!