The K-Pop group K/DA launched their first song in 2018.

It took the world by storm.

Thousands of Youtubers did covers, reviews, and even remixes.


To date, the group has gotten seven hundred million views on their content.

And that’s not including the views of all the other creators talking about them.

What's really crazy though...

It’s a fictitious group made by Riot Games.

The band members are characters from their game League of Legends—

Akali, Kai’sa, Evelynn, Ahri, and their most recent addition Seraphine.

Every time someone listens to the music it's a free promo for the game.

Sure, it cost a fortune to make happen.

But they paid $0 to promote the content once it was live.

And it’s made riot millions.

The best marketing doesn’t tell people what you do.

It does stuff worth talking about.

#justQ 🖖🏽🖤