🔔 The Journey of Becoming a Successful Marketer Part 26 (November 15 - December
27, 2020)

Took a break from LinkedIn for a month because I had to focus on getting my
college scholarship. To summarize, here’s what I did this past month:

• 3rd Semester GPA: 4.4
• Biz Culture - A+
• Retail - A
• International Biz - A+
• Customer Service - A+
• Pro Selling - A+
• Microeconomics - A+
• Got the scholarship

• Scheduled posts for the rest of 2020
• Weekly marketing meeting
• Created holiday video
• Became more active in Quora
• Created numerous pieces of content

• Invested in new podcast and music production gear
• Learned how to play the bass
• Started a YouTube channel with my girlfriend
• Started the podcast I’ve always wanted to do

• Wasn’t really active because I was so focused on school, so I’ll update this
next week


Just realized that this is the final update on my journey for 2020! That was so

What I learned this year: If you give yourself no other option but to succeed,
you will find a way to do so.

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