The Gift of Time: Treat yourself in 2021+

I am a BIG Salvador Dali fan & this painting of his (The Persistence of Memory)
is my fav. What strikes me every time I look at it, is the value (or in this
case) the decay of time.

In 2021, given that we have all (hopefully) saved 2-3 hours of TIME for
ourselves (WFH / Lesser travel etc.), I would urge you to really make TIME your
biggest WIN:

Here is a fun hack: Give an hour an arbitrary value in your mind. Let's say 10k.
Now, calculate :

Netfilx watched : 2 hrs : -20k
Book read: 1 hr +10k
Social media & Whatsapp browsing : 3 hrs: -30k
Meditation : 1 hr : + 10K
Deep work: 8 hrs: +80K
Working out : 1 hr : +10k
Time with family : 3 hrs: +30K
Sleep 6 hrs = + 60K

The larger point I want to MAKE is that you should make your time PROFITABLE vs
wasting it. Basically maintaining a Time P&L!

If you notice, the real trick is how you manage your Time P&L during the
weekends when you're not working. Instead of just doing nothing (good for a
little time), TRAIN yourself to read, write, invest in a hobby, work out &

25 yrs ago, I read these prophetic words in The Economist: "The biggest
challenge Man will face in the future will be how to spend his time".

That time has come, and I urge you to make it profitable!


Posted by Alok Kejriwal on LinkedIn