ZAP #1: Pre-Framing Prospects So You Close

Calendly Discovery Call Booked → Email confirmation from our Account Executives
email that show our client/customer video testimonials & our resource library →
Auto populate our CRM

ZAP #2: Re-Target Your Cold Email Prospects With A LinkedIn Connection Request

Mailshake prospecting emails sent → no response → ElevAAte leads retarget
automated connection request sent

to prospect to follow up

ZAP #3: Book 3-5 Discovery Calls With A Video Sales Letter Opt In Page Using
Facebook Groups Organically

VSL Opt In -> Time delay so they watch the VSL -> Sent To Our SDR chat and they
immediately call to do a discovery call or schedule a discovery call

ZAP #4: LinkedIn Omni-Channel Prospecting

LinkedIn connection accepted→ Sent to CRM pipeline stage → Placed in email drip
-> slack message for me to go engage with prospect

ZAP #5: Auto-Populate CRM from lead response in Slack from Mailshake

Mailshake lead responds -> Slack integration -> Mark as Won Deal -> auto
populate CRM as a contact

Posted by Nick Abraham on Facebook