The first car you buy is always special.

Aug 2000, I went to buy my first car. Toyota had recently launched RAV4, & I was
in my first job in the US. Felt quite confident to an EMI commitment.

I had done my research, read the American negotiation steps for car buying and
showed up at Infinity Toyota.

Mr Gi, an elderly Korean gentleman welcomed me at the door. We shook hands and
he called me AshwinJi & shared how lot of Indian customers come to his
dealership. "I become part of their family, I know what they want. I am also
Gi!" he joked.

Anyways, formalities done, he said "let's find the perfect car for you". I
already had the perfect car in my mind - RAV4. It was only a choice between
white and blue colors.

As we were walking to the car, he asked about my job, shared a bit of his
journey as an immigrant in the US. He asked me "are you excited for a new car?"

I said "Yes, my parents are visiting the US soon & it would be great to drive
them in a comfortable new car. I plan to go back to India in a couple of years,
so it's best to invite them now"

He asked about my parents, how their life was growing up. How exciting it must
be for them to come to US & how proud "they" must be.

And thats how he sold me a Toyota Camry.

Mr Gi knew what "they" wanted.

Posted by Ashwin Naik on LinkedIn