The first 60 minutes are crucial.

How do comments impact content views? Let's find out👇

Over the last few weeks, I recorded all comments left in the first hour of my
content going live.

Why? Because I hear it's important but there's no data to back it up

The chart below shows posts, view count and comments left in the first hour
(white number inside chart)

The first post had 2 comments in the first 60 minutes, the second post had 16
comments, and so on.

Here’s what I noticed:

More comments DO NOT equal higher view count

Does this mean comments don’t matter?

No. They do

But, it's NOT the number of comments that matter

It’s WHO left the comment

Here’s the order based on WHO has the biggest impact:

1. Comments from high profile users (i.e. Justin Welsh)

2. Comments left by 2nd/ 3rd degree connections

3. Comments left my 1st degree connections

There's also another factor:

The number of *unique* comments left in the first hour

The more unique comments = higher view count

What's the lesson here?

Your content has to be *so good* that not only YOUR network leaves a comment,
but THEIR network leaves a comment, too.

For that to happen, we ALL need to create better content

Scary, huh?

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