The "Does the Guy at the top solve it" test:

Over decades, I've come to a realisation: If you need to reach the "TOP
Management" (TM) (whatever that means) of a Company to SOLVE a regular problem,
I bet 1 % of my games2win equity that that business is DOOMED. It's as simple as

Some recent examples:

- I wrote the BOARD of a PSU bank to get my daughter's PPF refund that the local
branch was hatching eggs on.

- I had to get DirectorS (Plural) of an ISP to cancel a fraudulent bill they
were billing me.

- I threatened the Indian Board of a Global elevator Co whose team was not
servicing my colleagues new lifts (and causing a risk to life).

Once the emails went out, the problems were solved within hrs. With 100+ kgs of

I learned:

- All these cos had ZERO consumer focus. They were 'Sales/Billing kar de" focus.

- EITHER their TM was disconnected from ground reality OR were Academy
award-worthy actors. Both ways, they looked pathetic when things blew up.

- When I went DEEPER, I realised that the business ITSELF was broken. All these
'faulty' incidences were trying to keep a sinking Titanic afloat.

IF you run large biz, keep doing mystery problem escalations & check how quickly
you get help. If your mail needs to go to you, you're in trouble


Posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook