The different stages of a startup's journey and which one fits you best. šŸ‘‡

āœ° Founding team (<10-15 members) - still experimenting on what to sell and to
whom, very scrappy; (nobody knows the name)

āœ° Early stage startup (15-50 members) - know what to offer (maybe), need to
start building & getting users/customers (employees & their friends know about

āœ° Growth stage startup (50-500 members) - have users and product, trying to get
more of them (people in ecosystem know about it)

āœ° Established startup (500+ members) - it was in the news or everyone in the
ecosystem knows about it. (It's a brand) - maybe a #unicorn

Which one fits you best? Click here & I'll update you when it's ready (hopefully
this month šŸ˜Š ) --->

P.S.: This is my own perspective, ideas & different POVs appreciated! :)
#startups #india

Posted by Siddarth Jain on LinkedIn