The design approach of TESLA is unlike any other automotive company.

Let's look at 2 cases, Honda & Tesla where auto companies had to deal with
product malfunctions and loss of life.

Honda recalls a total of 1.4 Million cars to improve malfunctions, reduce fire
incidents, and safety.

Tesla's battery was catching fire and this was a serious concern.

Tesla gathered data from the field, analyzed the cause of the malfunction, and
fixed the issue by sending new updates via the cloud!

TESLA adopts the concept of EVERGREEN Design:

In older design approaches, products were designed with fixed configurations.

Any new changes to the car must be customized with additional changes to the

But in the case of Tesla, the product can be continually improved via software

So in practice, Tesla works a lot like your FitBit than a car.

Tesla is an IoT company that manufactures cars!

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Posted by Sathyanarayana G on LinkedIn