The coolest thing about this graphic isn't the month-over-month traffic growth
(although we're proud of that, too.)

It's the fact that I can both measure that and see everything more clearly.

For me, the best part about working with a great product team is getting to
experience new/updated features as a user yourself.

Last week our product team shipped a bunch of improvements to our charts inside

The screenshot I'm sharing shows off just a couple of them...

āœ… Toggle daily/weekly/monthly values to bar, line, and pie charts
āœ… "Unstack" bar charts to see your comparisons side-by-side
āœ… Updated tooltip to show even more comparison data

All week as I'm reviewing my team's performance I've been šŸ˜ just experiencing
these updates myself.

I've included a link to the post that dives into all these updates in the
comments below.

But also, want more info on what we've done to increase traffic MoM (for the
last 6 months) like this?

Happy to share more data/screenshots below. Let me know what you want to

Originally posted by John Bonini on LinkedIn