The conversations around Voice and conversational AI experiences definitely have
been evolving in the past 12 months. The questions I'm being asked no longer
lead to explaining what it is or proving there's strong adoption. It's something
I have found quite encouraging.

The questions are now more "So, how would Voice help my brand?" and "Well, what
can I do with it?" I love this line of questioning because it's when we get to
start talking about the value of Voice as opposed to the concept of Voice. Scot
and I created this graphic specifically for that part of the conversation. What
typically follows is us seeing the CMO or Brand Director's eyes light up as they
start to realize Voice's potential for their business.

And then the questions shift to "when can we get started?" which is when we
really start to have fun.

Want to start understanding where Voice can fit into your brand? Let's set up a

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Posted by Susan Westwater on LinkedIn