The combined net worth of the 20 edtech #Unicorns around the world goes to $62
billion. Almost $10 billion of total funding have been raised by these companies
in the last decade. 9 out of 20 Unicorns belong to china, 8 from the US, India
has 2, & Canada is on the list with only 1.

If you look at the combined net worth of Chinese & Indian edtech Unicorns, it
goes to $46 billion ($33 china + $13 India) which is almost 70% of the total
#edtech Unicorns around the world. Although we aren’t considering the companies
who are very close to wearing the cap of Unicorn in India & China both.

What I don’t understand is that the countries like UK, Finland, South Korea,
Japan, Denmark, & Singapore who are known for their world-class #education
system aren’t even in the list of the edtech Unicorns, Why? What’s wrong with
these countries? Don’t they understand the value of edtech or cap of the Unicorn
as India, China, & the US does?

It seems these countries & their people aren’t too much fascinated towards
edtech and the world’s Unicorn list. They aren’t crazy & running in the rat-race
when it comes to edtech but they surely know how to use it. These could be the
reasons why they are able to maintain the world-class education and #learning
system in their countries.

Posted by Amrit chaubey on LinkedIn