The biggest company by market size, Apple is the most #valuable brand in the

Tim Cook recently said that Apple's business in India has doubled however it
still hasn't been successful considering the massive #opportunity India holds.

Strange to know that all from FAANG except for Netflix are there in the list!

Inclusion of names such as ICBC and wechat is a reassurance of the fact that
Chinese companies are still on an escalation and will continue to be on a rising

If we pay closer attention to the list, majority of the companies are #tech!

The tech bubble, unlike bitcoin bubble seems to be not bursting anytime soon.

The only retail giant present here is Walmart! It's ever growing and becoming a
behemoth day by day.

The only telecommunications company in the world that seems to be doing the
heavy lifting is Verizon.

Currently, no Indian entity has been in the top 10 list but the irony is that
the biggest #market for some of the names in the list is India.

Do you think Indian brands like Reliance Jio can find their way into this list

Originally posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn